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Importance of Disinfecting Services Sydney

Disinfectant Fogging Sydney

We at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions offer disinfectant/sanitiser misting service for all sized homes and businesses across Sydney. Our formulas used include non-deodorising or deodorising that leaves behind a fresh scented fragrance while eliminating bacteria and reducing the chance of illnesses being spread.

This technology of misting breaks down the disinfectant/sanitiser into a tiny mist which enables it to have full coverage, unlike normal wiping which leaves the potential of missed areas. Misting also kills any surface and airborne bacteria or viruses Including , the Influenza Virus, Rotavirus (Causes Gastro), Hand foot and Mouth Virus, Salmonella and COVID-19.

Advantages of our Disinfectant Fogging

Toxic free

BIO – Biodegradable

SS – Septic tanks safe

Safe for food processing areas

Our Pest Control Pricing

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Good Value

Basic Treatment

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments/Units.

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Great Value

Basic Treatment

  • Single-storey homes.

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Good Value

Basic Treatment

  • Double-storey homes.

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