Termite Pest Control in Sydney

Every termite has its role in the colony, from the king and queen through to soldiers and workers. There is a strong interdependence between these roles to help the colony survive. Worker termites are the engine room of the colony, and are the only ones that can digest timber. They feed the other termites by regurgitating the wood in liquid form. They tend to be about 3 to 4mm long, wingless, and soft and creamy in colour.

Soldiers are a fair bit larger, with pinchers for attacking and orange heads. These are the ones that rush out when the nest has been breached, guarding the nest while workers take care of the repairs.

Sydney Wide Pest Solutions are experts in termite control & treatment across all the regions of Sydney. With more than 15 Years of experience in the pest control industry, we are able to exterminate 100% of termites and deliver guaranteed satisfaction to all our clients.

Termite prevention and treatments

At Sydney Wide Pest Solutions we have dedicated specialists in termites management and eradication.

We have termite treatments for both new construction homes and existing dwellings which are conducted in accordance to the  AS3660.1-2014. 

New construction dwellings are required to have a termite barrier installed prior to construction of walls (either brick or timber frames), this includes either a physical barrier installed along the perimeter and under the external and internal wall frames, creating a barrier within the wall cavity. Prior to this termite protective collars are required to be placed over all services such as plumbing pipes that will pretude the concrete slab, these are to be installed once steel is in place prior to concrete being poured. 

Another option that may be required by council is a termite chemical barrier, this requires a pest technician to place a conduit like system that have small incision drain holes every 200mm. This is placed surrounding the concrete slab edge at appropriately 300mm below external concrete or soil surrounding. Exposed refill points and stations are required to be at external floor height for future chemical applications. Depending on the termiticide chemical used will determine life expectancy and application being between every 3-5 years. 

For existing dwellings, a termite technician will assess the property prior to treatment to indicate proper treatment steps.

Termite inspections

Put all your worries aside and have a Sydney Wide Pest Solutions credited termite technician inspect your property or investment property and keep termite free! 

It is recommended that yearly inspections are conducted to ensure that your property is structurally sound and clear from termites.

Repairs on damaged structural walls and floor structures can be a costly procedure, which normally result in a termite treatment being carried out once the damage has been done.

With inspections at affordable prices from $180+gst, which include a detailed report documenting and indicating findings of any active or previous damages and trails, photos, also other conductive issues that may result in termite activity such as moisture, mould and ventilation.

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Single story home.

Full general pest treatment.

Bins, fences etc sprayed.

Roof void treatment, subfloor treatment

Includes: cockroach bait gel, full interior and exterior perimeter spray.

Comes with a 6 month guarantee.




Average sized 2 bedroom unit.

Including all electrical appliances.

No need to leave the home and

no preparation required.

Treatment includes: cockroach bait gel, cockroach bait traps, crack and crevice dusting, perimeter spray.

Comes with a 6-month guarantee.




Double story.

Full general pest treatment.

Roof void treatment, subfloor treatment.

Includes: cockroach bait gel, full interior and exterior perimeter spray, Bins, fences etc sprayed.

Comes with a 6 month guarantee.