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When is the best time to have pest control?

Although there might not be any perfect time to call a pest control company, it’s strongly recommended to do so at your earliest convenience from the moment you observe an influx of pests around your residential or commercial property. Some homeowners in Sydney need to call in a pest control company immediately when they have found a pest infestation as they need to control it immediately to prevent any further major damage. Whereas other homeowners who get regular pest control services won’t usually see any unusual infestations as they get their houses serviced annually. These homeowners will find added benefits in having pest control done at the right time of year to have a long-lasting effect.

To ensure your home is pest-free and stays that way, we at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions recommend 6 monthly to annual treatments appropriate for Sydney residential homes and commercial properties. For apartments, 4-6 monthly pest control treatments are recommended.

Why is spring the best time to have pest control in Sydney?

Most people in Australia assume summer is the best time to have a pest control service due to higher activity. But still, the best time to do pest control in Sydney is actually in early spring. In fact, warmer weather makes pests more comfortable to expose themselves, whereas in cooler months they will be harbouring and breeding in less obvious areas like subfloors, roof voids and wall cavities. Using pest control services in spring will terminate the nest and colonies of pests.

Why should I get pest control done in regular intervals?

While some pests need routine pest control treatments as they happen to occur rapidly, other pests/bugs do not appear quite as often. Moreover, it also depends upon the surroundings of your living space or commercial property and how facilitative your house is to a particular pest. If you have a known pest infestation in your Sydney home or commercial property at any time of year, you should never wait to call in the pest control experts. Similarly, if you cannot remember the last time you had a pest control inspection, the time is now. It works as a preventive measure to avoid further pest infestation, and it prevents pest concerns from appearing in the first place. Eliminating pests and insects in your house will give your house a chance to prolong its life, and doing so can preserve the appearance of your house, and keep your family protected from health problems.

How do I choose the right Pest Control Specialists?

Choosing the right pest control specialists for your residential or commercial property in Sydney is very critical to get a permanent solution to all your pest problems. Any pest can hamper your comfort at home and give you sleepless nights. Sydney Wide Pest Solutions understands your concerns and knows how important it is to get rid of pests as early as possible. So if you’re looking to get rid of ants, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, spiders, rodents or other pests from your home or commercial space, we’re on it. Our highly trained and experienced pest control technicians understand the root cause of pest infestation and treat them effectively. Additionally, we provide tailored pest control solutions according to our client’s needs and ensure maximum satisfaction at affordable prices.

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