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Our Pest Control Services

Pest invasion should not be taken lightly as it is just a matter of time before they breed and multiply in numbers. Apart from their nasty appearance, they damage your belongings and pose serious health threats such as itchy and blotchy skin, and respiratory diseases like pneumonia.

We at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions provide protection and unmatched pest control services across Sydney. So if you’re looking to get rid of ants, cockroaches, spiders or other pests from your home or commercial space, we’re on it.

Our primary mission is to keep pests from invading your home and keep your surrounding pest-free. And after more than 15 years, no one knows the enemy like we do. Our professionals are highly trained and can easily identify the common infestation and invading sites, and provide our clients with lasting solutions without causing any mess.


  • Under fixtures
  • In window sills
  • In corners
  • In crevices
  • Inside or below cabinets

Pest Control Solutions

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Termite Solutions

Termite colonies eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, causing billions of dollars worth of property damage. They feed the other termites by regurgitating the wood in liquid form and damaging your property or belongings. Get in touch with trained exterminators of Sydney Wide Pest Solutions today and get highly effective termite pest treatment for your Sydney household or commercial property.

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Spider Solutions

Spiders in the home can range from the; White Tail, Redback, Huntsman or a black house spider. If you are looking for safe, pet-friendly and effective spider pest control in Sydney, contact Sydney Wide Pest Solutions for effective and long-lasting results.

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Cockroach Solutions

The Australian cockroach is larger and darker in colour and has a distinctive lighter marking near the head. These inhabit gardens and are seen underneath mulch or heavy ground-leafed areas. Different treatments are required for different species. Call Sydney Wide Pest Solutions today or contact us online for fast, responsive service for your residential, commercial or industrial premises in Sydney.

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Wasp Solutions

Wasps can be a cause for distress throughout the warmer months. They are not generally considered dangerous, although if these insects are disturbed or threatened in any way, they can become aggressive and sting you. Call Sydney Wide Pest Control Solutions today to treat and remove wasp nests immediately and get the best Wasp Pest Control treatment that is cost-effective, reliable and full-proof.

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Termite Inspections

Put all your worries aside and have a Sydney Wide Pest Solutions credited termite technician inspect your property or investment property and keep termite free! It is recommended that yearly inspections are conducted to ensure that your property is structurally sound and clear from termites.

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Ant Solutions

Ant infestations can be quite a nuisance in your kitchen but also outdoors where your family wants to spend time without being swarmed or bitten. If not done properly, the infestation can come back quickly. Get the experts of Sydney Wide Pest Solutions to eradicate the entire ant colony today.

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Rodent Solutions

Rats and mice can be a nuisance and can create an unhealthy living environment for you and your family by being carriers of diseases and parasites. We at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions offer safe rodent control treatments, for mice, rats and possums in and around homes, and commercial premises.

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Bed Bug Solutions

Bed bugs are very small parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. They are often hiding in cracks and crevices in mattresses, linens and furniture. Their bites can cause skin irritation, itchiness, or pain. Contact bed bug control experts at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions for effective bed bug treatment for your Sydney home.

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Bird Lice Solutions

Bird lice are also called bird mites, and no property owner should take this particular infestation lightly. These parasitic pests belong to the same family as spiders and ticks. These tiny insects can prove to be a menace if you have pet birds on your property. When you notice this problem, call us at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions for prompt and effective bird lice control.

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Residential Pest Control

Protect your home from all types of dangerous and harmful pests. We at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions are experts when it comes to residential pest control in Sydney. Our well-trained pest control professionals, latest equipment, and effective products help you achieve complete Residential Pest Control in Sydney.

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Commercial Pest Control

We specialise in a range of commercial pest control jobs for all industries and property types across Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our clients are made up of Restaurants, Offices, Hotels, Warehouses, Factories, Clubs, Pubs, Schools, Childcare Centres, and Aged Care Facilities. Contact Sydney Wide Pest Solutions’ team today for your commercial property in Sydney and we will schedule your pest control service according to your desired time.

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Bird Control

Birds can be a menace to your Sydney residential and commercial property. There are a number of problems relating to birds like unnecessary bird droppings, solar panel nesting, the spread of disease, and many more. Contact Sydney Wide Pest Solutions today for effective bird removal and bird prevention for your property in Sydney.

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