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Bird Lice Pest Control in Sydney

Bird lice are also called bird mites, and no property owner should take this particular infestation lightly. These parasitic pests belong to the same family as spiders and ticks. These tiny insects can prove to be a menace if you have pet birds on your property.

These tiny parasites feed on the blood of various domesticated, poultry and wild birds including pigeons, sparrows, chickens etc. For humans, Bird Mite bites may lead to swelling and a rash. The bite may cause intense itching and some irritation which is a result of the saliva they produce when they are on the human skin. When you notice this problem, call us at Sydney Wide Pest Solutions for prompt and effective bird lice control.

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No matter how big or small the pest issue, Sydney Wide Pest Solutions is here to help. We use safe and reliable bird lice control methods and offer services across Sydney and surrounding areas.

Our methods work effectively against even the most problematic bird lice infestations. Moreover, we use eco-friendly and modern pest control equipment which gives guaranteed results and eliminates these pests for a long time.

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